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Installing a Split AC system with in Subiaco

The Problem

We have a long-time customer in Subiaco who needs her split system AC replaced before summer. The home has 4 bedrooms and only one has air conditioning currently, and that AC unit is old and faulty. The homeowner wants to install AC in every room, as well as creating provision for a 5th loft room that is to be constructed in the near future.

 The Solution

We discussed options with the owner and she was very happy to hear that there are systems especially designed for this situation. Multi-head split systems work the same as a normal split system, except we can connect multiple indoor units (heads) to one larger outdoor unit (compressor). This makes for a very tidy installation with only one outdoor unit instead of five!

These installations work great for properties with limited outdoor space, or to reduce the number of unsightly AC units outside of the home.

The Result

We have installed a 10kW Mitsubishi MHI remote control inverter with three 2.5kW heads and one 3.5kW head. Now the bedrooms are cooled individually, and there is still provision to install one more head in the soon-to-be-built loft!

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Location: Perth, Subiaco
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Split system air con Installation in Perth