Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Solar panel on a red roof

There are plenty of factors to consider when you choose to make the switch to solar energy. It all comes down to what you find important, and it can either be an extremely valuable expense or a bit of a waste. In this article, we’re weighing up the pros and cons of solar panels in Perth.

The Benefits of Solar Panels  

The most important benefit of solar panels is that solar power is a truly renewable resource. In areas like Australia, especially in Perth, solar energy can be harnessed every single day and is impossible to run out of. As long as we have the sun, which is predicted to be the next 5 billion years, we will have solar power.

Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Considering you will be meeting the majority of your energy needs with electricity generated by your solar panels, you’ll notice a substantial drop in your power bills. How much you’ll save depends on the size of your solar battery storage and how much electricity you use each quarter.

As an added bonus, if you generate more electricity than you use, the surplus gets transported back to the grid and you’ll get a bonus payment! Plus, you’ll be helping out your neighbours.

Low Maintenance Costs

Most of the time, solar energy systems don’t require very much maintenance. The only thing you have to do is clean them twice a year to make sure they are working at their peak capacity. There are some companies in Perth who will maintain and clean your solar panels for relatively low prices. Plus, manufacturers offer huge warranties on solar panels.

Solar panels suffer very little wear and tear because they have no moving parts. Make sure you organise semi-regular maintenance for the wiring and cables to increase the efficiency of your system.

The Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy is not without its disadvantages. For example, solar energy does still create pollution, even though it is far better for the environment than traditional, non-renewable resources.

The Overall Cost

While the technology is relatively new, the initial cost of purchasing and installing a solar energy system is quite high. It takes a while for your energy savings to cover the cost of installation; however, households in Australia that install a small-scale renewable energy system may be eligible for benefits to cover the purchase costs. It’s safe to assume that prices will go down as the technology progresses.

Solar Energy is Weather Dependent

Cloudy and rainy days will make the efficiency of your solar system decrease. These energy sources are extremely dependent on sunlight, so a few cloudy days can have a noticeable impact on your electricity. If you live in a warm, sunny place like Perth, you shouldn’t need to worry. Those who live in Melbourne, however, may need to look into additional power sources.

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