Checking Your Smoke Alarms

Installing Smoke Detector on Ceiling Wall at Home

When it comes to your family’s safety, smoke alarms are one of the most important parts of your home’s electrical systems. Smoke alarms save lives by warning people about smoke and fire while there is still time to evacuate the premises, and they need to be checked regularly to make sure they are working to their full capacity. In this article, we’re teaching you how to check your smoke alarms.

Why Do We Check Smoke Alarms?

Although modern smoke detectors and fire alarms are extremely long lasting and reliable, no electronic device is infallible. If the batteries die and the internal wiring wears over time, you may find yourself in danger should a fire start in your home. Testing the smoke alarm and replacing the batteries or the entire system is the best way to ensure your family is safe from fire.

How Often Should I Check My Smoke Alarms?

It is recommended by Australian fire services to test and clean your fire alarms at least every 6 months, changing batteries as often as you need to. Make sure you review your smoke alarm’s user manual just in case your model has different requirements. As a rule of thumb, testing your device once a month will keep your family safe.

If the smoke detector gives off false alarms, beeps regularly without touching or activates from small amounts of kitchen smoke, it may be necessary to check your device more frequently. These problems cause batteries to wear out faster. It’s always best to contact your electrician in Perth if you have any concerns.

Your Smoke Alarm Maintenance Schedule

As mentioned above, you should check the individual instructions for your specific smoke detector. However, the following rules generally apply to Australian fire alarms.

Monthly Tests

Test your smoke alarm by holding down the test button until you hear a loud beep and then release it. If you can’t reach, use a broom, but be careful not to cause damage by pressing too hard.

Yearly Maintenance

Vacuum around the device with a soft brush attachment to remove dust and cobwebs that can build up and affect the reliability of smoke alarms. Use a surface spray insect killer around the smoke alarm to make sure bugs don’t nest inside the device – try not to spray the inside of the alarm directly.

Choose a date and make a calendar alert to replace the 9-volt battery each year. Hardwired smoke alarms also rely on back-up batteries in the case of a power outage, so this rule still applies.

Professional Smoke Alarm Installations and Maintenance

You may feel more comfortable having your device checked once a year by your electrical contractor in Perth. Dr Sparky Electrical can make sure your family is safe with high-quality smoke alarm installations and maintenance. We also offer residual current device (RCD) safety switches to ensure your fuse box and power outlets function safely all year ‘round.

When you need a 24hr electrician in Perth, call 1800 377 727 or find us online.

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