Electricity Dos and Don’ts

Electrician checking wall fixture with voltage tester before unmounting it

Staying safe around electrical equipment isn’t a huge task; it merely requires additional caution and a few household rules to keep your entire family safe. These simple rules could save a life one day, so learn more about the dos and don’ts of electrical safety by reading this article.

The Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards

To truly stay safe in your home, it’s important to understand the most common things that can go wrong, including:

  • Loose or poor wiring connections
  • Frayed cords
  • Electrical wire that has been chewed by rodents
  • Outlets too close to water
  • Handling electrical equipment with wet hands
  • Pouring water on electrical fires
  • Young children playing near equipment
  • Overheated or covered lightbulbs
  • Covered electrical cords and wiring

The Dos of Electrical Safety

Use this list below and make sure everyone in your household is aware of electrical safety precautions. Speak to your local electrician if you notice any problems or concerns with your electricity.

  1. Hold the plastic covering of the plug when you’re disconnecting a device, not the cord.
  2. Teach children about the dangers of electricity and show them outlets and wires to stay away from.
  3. Use cord covers and clips to tuck away loose cords, preventing accidents from tripping and animals/children chewing on them.
  4. Touch the panels around your outlets; if they feel hot, there’s a problem lurking below.
  5. Keep your heaters and air conditioners maintained and clean – dust can be a fire hazard.
  6. Use a quality surge protector with enough sockets for every component.
  7. Fire proof your property.

The Don’ts of Electrical Safety

The don’ts list could be the most important aspect of this article. It’s the small mistakes that can create fires and electrical hazards.

  1. Plugging too many devices into one outlet by using power boards and double adapters is the easiest way to create a fire hazard or trip the power.
  2. Running cords underneath carpets wears and breaks the outer insulation, and these cords may electrocute you through the carpet.
  3. No one should insert anything except for plugs into an electrical outlet
  4. If appliances or outlets spark, smoke or shock you when you use them, there’s a problem there that needs to be fixed by an electrician – don’t let this go unrepaired.
  5. Don’t yank electrical cords out of the wall – this can damage the plug and the outlet
  6. Never assume the black coating on outdoor wires is insulation because it could just be weatherproofing which doesn’t protect you from electrocution.
  7. Plugging extension leads into each other should always be avoided

Always Call Your Electrician When You’re Concerned

If you notice anything that isn’t right with your electrical wiring or components, don’t hesitate to call your electrical contractor in Perth, Dr Sparky Electrical. We also install residual current device (RCD) safety switches to ensure your fuse box and power outlets function safely at all times.

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