Fire Proof Your Property

A short circuit causes a small flame on a length of wire

Fire is a massive hazard that has reduced many buildings to ash. It may strike when you are home or when you are not but there are a number of ways you can reduce the possibility of fire ruining your day. In this article we will discuss some of the most effective ways to limit your exposure to the possibility of fire.

Address Overhanging Branches

Trees in the vicinity of your property can pose a fire risk. Pay particular attention to dead and dying trees and branches that overhang your roof or have the potential to fall into your mains electricity line. This is the large gauge cable running from the street into your fuse box. Large branches are more likely to fall in a storm and so in addition to structural damage caused by a falling branch that might ruin part of your roof you may also experience significant water damage. Water damage or direct trauma to electricity cables can cause a short circuit which has the potential to start fire. If you have concerns about any overhanging or dead branches on your property contact an arborist for a thorough inspection. They can also help you with timely pruning services to help keep trees as healthy as possible.

Deal with Pests

Rats and mice can both chew through electrical cable. It may not be their preferred food source but enough nibbling can expose wires. Exposed wires can cause all sorts of problems from reduced voltage to a significant increase in the possibility of fire. What’s worse, you could have these problems for years before they actually manifest into present dangers. Termites are also liable to reduce the structural integrity of your dwelling once they get into walls and foundations. While not a direct fire risk termite infestation increases the likelihood of structures collapsing which does create a fire risk.

Rewire Your Home

Old and damaged wiring is definitely a fire risk. If you are concerned about the wiring in your home it is better to be safe than sorry so get it replaced. Hire a quality electrician to come and rewire your home or at least the badly wired sections. If you aren’t sure if you need rewiring or not, ask your electrician to complete an inspection first, potentially utilising thermographic imaging equipment to look for bad connections. Installing safety switches will also reduce the possibility of dangerous electricity being discharged into water or humans should there be damage to some part of the house or its wiring.

Discard or Rewire Dodgy Appliances

Sometimes your electrical faults and risks do not come from the wiring itself but the appliances you are using. Internal wiring of appliances and their power cables can become frayed, disconnected or lose protection over the years, particular with frequent movement and use. You may be able to tell an appliance is particularly dodgy if it keeps short circuiting or makes funny noises or smells. Don’t risk it. Take it to a professional to be repaired or discard of it properly. If need be get an inspection from an electrician.

Contact Dr Sparky Electrical for Specific Advice

Dr Sparky Electrical is highly experienced in every aspect of domestic and commercial electrical services. We can offer specific advice based upon your particular situation as to how to help prevent fires on your property. Call us today on 1800 377 727 or contact us online.

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