Going Away on Holiday? Consider CCTV for Your Home

Technician installing wireless CCTV camera at house for security

Are you planning on going on holidays soon? Worrying about the state of your belongings back home is a sure way to put a dampener on the festivities. We may not be able to stop you from checking business emails while you’re away, but high-quality CCTV installations can lift the burden of worrying about your home.

In this article, we’re discussing the benefits of CCTV system in residential properties.

Deter Criminals from Targeting Your Home

Not only can CCTV help you after a break in, but these systems also work as a highly effective method of deterring criminals, especially in pre-planned acts of theft. When your camera system is easy to spot from the street and is clearly advertised, thieves will be far less likely to target your home.

Monitor Your Property from Anywhere

New improvements in technology have made it even easier to watch your CCTV footage from remote locations. You can sit back and relax after checking on your home in the morning. CCTV is also extremely useful for when you’re inside the home because you can place cameras in hard-to-see parts of your home. When you hear a noise outside, you can inspect the area from the safety of your house.

Enjoy Insurance Deductions

If you home is well-protected while you’re away, you can see reductions in your home insurance policy costs. Insurance companies reward the safety conscious homeowner because they have reduced their likelihood of making a claim. Also, if your home is broken into while you’re away, you have all of the evidence you need to make a successful claim.

Identify Criminals with Ease

Along with deterring criminals from breaking into your property, CCTV also helps bring the culprits to justice. The police don’t usually have the time to dedicate their full attention to break-ins, so having a record of robbery, damages and vandalism will help them find and identify the criminal. You’ll receive the justice you deserve while keeping the streets safer in your area.

Reliable CCTV with Minimal Maintenance

You can go away for as long as you need to and feel comfortable knowing your CCTV system is working efficiently in your absence. These security measures require little to no maintenance on their installed professionally. Every now and again, having your electrician check on the system won’t cause any harm; however, all you’ll need to do is wipe the camera clean occasionally!

Protect Your Family with Dr Sparky Electrical

Dr Sparky Electrical is your residential electrical contractor in Perth. We will install high-quality CCTV systems correctly, keeping your family safe in your home. We also install residual current device (RCD) safety switches to ensure your fuse box and power outlets function appropriately while you’re away.

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