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Hospitality is an energy intensive industry. Less so perhaps than the smelting of Aluminium but nonetheless it is extremely demanding. The staff aren’t the only things going non-stop from start to finish. Industrial freezers and fridges shouldn’t even be turned off when you go home. Your hospitality business has significant demands that should not be underestimated or undervalued and in this article we will explain why it is important to go through a thorough planning process with an electrician to make sure your electrical system can meet those demands reliably.

An Industrial Kitchen is Very Different to a Domestic Kitchen

Big kitchens need lots of power. Side by side operation of industrial range hoods, fridges, blenders, stoves, ovens, microwaves, heat lamps, and coffee machines is a serious energy demand. What’s more, there is no way you can sacrifice operation of the coffee machine to run another piece of equipment, it has to be ready to go all day. On top of the demand side of the equation, many industrial sized appliances like dishwashers require specifically more power than is often available on regular house hold circuits and therefore require specific installation in combination with a professional electrician.

All of that cooking produces a lot of heat too and though the kitchen often has to handle it the patrons should be afforded a comfortable dining experience. Ducted air conditioner systems are the preferred systems for large restaurants and bars due to their zoned cooling options and quiet operation but split systems can also function efficiently in small dining areas.

Time is Money

In the hospitality industry, time is money. If your power goes out, you are up against the wall. No electricity means you can’t accept payment from cards. It means your fridges will start warming up. If it is night time it means your patrons will be stuck in the dark and the music will turn off. Your staff will be running around trying to take care of customers and even if it just a tripped breaker that needs to be reset it may put you out of business for several hours until the cause can be identified. Even a short outage will cost you in lost productivity and lost sales. It is well worth investing in backup power options, insurance for down time and having an electrician on call to fix serious issues.

Dr Sparky Electrical is the Hospitality Kitchen Specialist

Dr Sparky Electrical are specialists in the kitchen. They can design, build and install an electrical system to meet both the present needs of your kitchen and future aspirations. They can match the location of all your high demand units with specific power to keep them running under even the most trying of circumstances. Give us a call today on 1800 377 727 or contact us online and let us help you make your hospitality kitchen ready for the years to come.

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