Summer and Air Conditioning – What you should know!

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Summer in Australia is brutal. Everyone understands just how sticky and difficult it can be to get anything done on a stinking hot day. Air conditioners can truly be a lifesaver of both persons and businesses. In this article we will discuss some tips for keeping cool in summer and making the most of your air conditioner while keeping your energy bill in check.

Be Energy Smart

Regardless of how much or little you use a fan or air conditioner, being energy smart is the best way to get the most out of it. Consider how pointless it is to run an air conditioner in a car while your windows are open, and apply the same principle to your home. It takes energy to cool a space down, don’t cool down more space than you need and don’t compromise the cooling effect by also running a heater, or open window, into the same room. If you have a zoned air conditioning system it means you can choose to cool different parts of the house at different times and to different degrees. There is little point cooling down your children’s bedroom if they are going to be at school for the next 8 hours so close the door and direct the cooling to where you need it most.

Another way to save energy during summer is installing or using roller shutters or blinds to keep the sun’s warm gaze outside.

Ducted vs Split Air Conditioner System

Split system air conditioners are easily identified by their two units, the condenser on the outside of the house and the cooling unit inside. The cooling units can be floor, wall or bulkhead mounted and many modern versions are designed to look unobtrusive and stylish. They are particularly useful for cooling single rooms and small areas.

Ducted air conditioners involve a larger cooling unit that can be hidden in a crawl space or even outside and a series of vents and ducts that connect multiple rooms or zones to that cooling unit. Ducted systems are only visible by the small vents through which they pass cool air into a room. They enable you to direct cooling to one zone or many at different rates. They have the benefit of being able to cool your entire house but are almost impossible to retrofit into apartments because there is no access to inter-floor space to install ducts.

Modern reverse cycle technology can be implemented in either ducted or split system air conditioners meaning that these cooling systems can be just as effective for heating in winter as they are for cooling in summer.

Frequent Aircon Maintenance is Important

Like anything with moving parts maintenance is the key to a long, healthy life of peak operation. Air conditioners contain filters for removing air borne particulates that will eventually clog up and cause your air conditioner to work harder to suck and push the same amount of air around. This can start driving your electricity bill up. Additionally there are internal parts that need to be replaced occasionally, and regular maintenance will enable them to be identified before they start making a lot of noise. It is best to ask the professionals who install your air conditioner what kind of maintenance regime is in order as different models have different requirements.

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