The Best Places to Consider Putting Extra Power Points and USB Ports and Why

Australian electric power wall outlet and power cord

Where to Put New Power Sockets in Your Home

If you’re building a new home or renovating this year, it’s always best to plan out your electrical outlets before putting in new walls. This is a crucial part of the home that often gets overlooked. Simply put, you can never have too many power sockets in your home, so follow our helpful guide to choosing the best places to install new power points.

Powering Your Loungeroom

Everything we use for work, entertainment and household chores requires power sockets. It’s best to stay ahead of the curve by installing enough electrical outlets to keep the entire family charged up and happy. Place power points in every corner, making sure you map out where your furniture will go. Also, if you plan on installing a flat-screen TV, a well-placed socket behind the screen will hide any unsightly cords.

Keeping the Kitchen Charged

The kitchen is a hub of activity in every home where small and large appliances are used daily. Plan to put higher amperage outlets where the fridge, microwave and toaster will go. Additionally, if you are installing an island bench, place a power socket on the inside panel of the island so you can use appliances wherever you please while hiding the cords from guests.

The Bathroom Needs Power Too

When you’re planning electrical outlets in your bathroom, you will need to work closely with your electrician to make sure you and your family are safe. It’s dangerous and inconvenient to stretch cords across a sink, so place power points on either side of the sink and on the adjacent wall to make sure there is enough charge for every appliance and family member.

Power Points in the Bedrooms

The first step is deciding where you’re going to put your bed, then make sure you have electrical outlets near where both of the bedside tables will be. Plan ahead and organise to have a light switch near the door and near the side of your bed so you can turn the lights out without ever having to compromise on comfort. If you’re putting a TV or a vanity in your bedroom, have a dedicated switch for those appliances so you don’t have to run cables along the walls and floor.

Outdoors and the Shed

Outdoor power points are all about planning for the future. Think about your Christmas decorations, maybe building an outdoor bar or kitchen, etc. The options are endless and so should your electrical outlets be. It’s far easier to hide additional power plugs than hide the cords and double adapters you’ll be using when you entertain friends.

We often forget about our sheds when we plan power outlets, so make sure you have enough to cover all of your tools and equipment in the places where you’ll need them. A good rule of thumb is placing a power point every 2-3 metres around the base of the shed walls.

Plan Your Future Home with Experienced Electricians

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