Things to do Before You Turn Your Air Conditioner on This Summer

Hand holding a remote control to turn the air conditioning on sweltering days

After a cold winter, summer is right around the corner. If your air conditioning unit is getting old or you haven’t turned it on in a few months, follow our guide to maintaining and cleaning your unit before you switch it on.

Check the Indoor Components for Wear and Tear

With your air conditioning system off, have a look at your thermostat. Does it look outdated to you? Modern, programmable thermostats are more energy efficient and can maintain temperatures more effectively than older models. If you have exposed ductwork in your house, make sure it is still in good condition so it doesn’t cause any cooling loss.

Make sure nothing is blocking your vents such as furniture, toys, etc. Lastly, check the drain line near the indoor cooling coil. By flushing a cup of chlorine down the drain line and rinsing it thoroughly with water, you will be able to clear the line of any built-up dirt. Blocked drain lines can cause massive problems when the water backs up.

Changing Your Air Conditioner’s Filter 

A clogged air filter can cause major damage to your air conditioning system. It’s recommended that you change the filter every 3 months to ensure the longevity of your system and save yourself thousands of dollars in potential repairs. Changing the filter will make sure your family is breathing in cleaner, healthier air. This is especially important for children and people with allergies.

To replace your filter, find out where it is in your home and remove it. Find out what kind of filter your system needs, purchase a new one from your local appliance store, and fit your new filter into place. There should be an arrow on your unit that tells you which side to put in first. Put the filter cap or grate back into position, and you’re good to go.

Inspecting the Outdoor Components

Have a look at your outdoor condenser unit and make sure there is no blockage, leaves, debris or dust near the unit. Make sure there aren’t any missing panels – these are designed to protect the electrical parts from weather. Visually check the refrigerant lines and call your electrical contractor in Perth if these need to be serviced or replaced.

If you notice any wear or damage on the outdoor electrical wiring, call your electrician before using the air conditioner. Note that all air conditioners have a lifespan, so your unit may need to be replaced even if you’ve stayed up to date on maintenance! You can save a lot on your energy bills when you replace air conditioners that are over 10 years old.

Turning on Your Air Con

Now it’s time to turn your air conditioner on and let it run for a while. If the unit isn’t cooling to your preferences, don’t worry! Dr Sparky Electrical can have your AC up and running in no time. If you need a 24hr electrician in Perth, call 1800 377 727 or find us online.

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