Your Heating Options for Winter

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Keeping warm during winter is the best way to keep active. Too often cold weather can make getting out of bed a chore in and of itself. Thankfully there are plenty of great ways to mediate this problem because there’s always things to do. In this article we’ll discuss some different ways to keep warm and toasty this winter.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

Reverse cycle air conditioners are the future and the present. Nearly all air conditioners available on the market today are reverse cycle and that means they function not only to cool down air, but to heat it up. They do this reversal in the flow of heat by modifying the pressure and flow of the coolant travelling between the external and internal coils. Reverse cycle air conditioners are an example of the utilisation of heat pump technology that can also be used to heat and cool swimming pools.

Energy Smart Solutions

If you are going to be using electricity to heat your home this winter, consider adding solar panels so that you depend less on energy from the grid. This will also save you money on cooling in the summer. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a company capable of installing solar panels and reverse cycle air conditioners.

The primary energy smart solution to heating is keeping the heat inside when it is generated. Close doors and windows and close internal doors around where you are using a heater to concentrate the warmth around you.

Electric Heaters

Plug in electric heaters do generate warmth. They are however very inefficient at doing so, and can generate significant amounts of carbon monoxide when used in confined spaces. This makes them a health risk and all of the money you save by buying a really cheap heater catches up with you when the power bill comes in.

Warm Clothes

When it comes to keeping warm, remembering that the human body is often the warmest object in the room is important. Our bodies are their own heaters, because our physiological processes require a very stable internal temperature to maintain their efficiency. It is why we notice changes in external temperatures so acutely and behave in ways to offset these changes. Wearing thermal under and over layers is a great way to keep the heat generated by the human body trapped close to the skin. Wearing a jumper to take the edge off is going to reduce the amount of heating you need to add to a room and therefore save you money on your bill.

Wood Fires

A wood fire can be a great centrepiece to a social interaction. It can make a house feel like a home and bring life to an otherwise dull backyard. Unfortunately wood fires release carbon dioxide directly into the atmosphere and spread soot around your property. They are also inefficient at spreading heat around the home and pose significant dangers to children if they are not properly supervised.

Contact Dr Sparky Electrical for Electrical Installations

The safest and easiest way to heat your home or business this winter is with a reverse cycle air conditioner installed by Dr Sparky Electrical and if you are at all concerned with how much electricity it will use they can also install solar panels for you. Call today on 1800 377 727 or contact us online.

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