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Ceiling and exhaust fan installation is something best left to your local electricians. Undertaking any electrical work can be dangerous when performed by an unqualified person, and getting a professional to do it offers peace of mind and a better finish.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans can be used all year round to help cool and heat your home for commercial premises. They circulate the air by helping to push warm air downwards into the living spaces instead of near the ceiling, and they create a fresh breeze in summer to keep everyone cool.

Modern ceiling fans are also a decorator item and often include a light since the ceiling fan is usually installed in the centre where the light should be.

Dr Sparky Electrical can install new ceiling fans or upgrade your existing fans quickly, and with a professional finish that only a licenced electrician can achieve. After all, how many badly installed ceiling fans have you seen that wobble around alarmingly when they’re switched on?

Exhaust Fan Installation

Exhaust fans in bathrooms and industrial work areas can whisk away fumes and steam for better quality air, and the reduction of potentially harmful mould spores.

There are combination bathroom exhaust fans that also provide lights and heat for winter warmth.

Exhaust fans for any purpose should always be installed by your local electrician to ensure safety and a quality fitting. Improperly or badly installed electrical appliances can be a fire or electrocution hazard perhaps months after initial installation, so don’t risk your life or the lives of your family or work team.

Electrical Contractors in Perth

Dr Sparky Electrical is here to professionally install or upgrade all your ceiling and exhaust fans for residential, commercial or industrial applications. We’re licenced electricians, so you can rest assured your ceiling and exhaust fans will be properly installed to comply with all relevant building codes for many years of safe and effective operation.

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