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Industrial Electrical Services

We offer many of the commercial services above to industrial operations, as well as some more specialised services, such as:

Instrument Calibration and Installation

We ensure your operation is running efficiently by calibrating your equipment and ensuring new installations are carried out flawlessly and efficiently.

Maintenance Program Design

Dr Sparky’s industrial electricians will work with you to assess your systems and create and implement a preventive maintenance plan. By proactively carrying out targeted maintenance, repairs and replacements, you’ll prevent and minimise many problems.

Cost Reduction

Our team can find and eliminate inefficiencies in your electrical systems to reduce the cost of running your industrial operation.

Hire Industrial Electricians

For all your commercial and industrial electrical needs in Perth, get in touch with Dr Sparky Electrical. Give us a call today on 1800 377 727 or use our easy online contact form to make an enquiry.


  • Instrument calibration/installs.

  • Machinery repairs & maintenance

  • Maintenance programme design

  • Cost reduction/management

  • Thermographic Imagery

  • Downtime Minimisation

  • Latest Fluke testing Equipment Used