Indoor and Outdoor Lighting in Perth


light installation in Perth

Good lighting is essential for homes, businesses and industrial sites. Indoor lighting lets us see what we’re doing and reduces the risk of injury and accident.

Outdoor lighting not only enhances your home or business; it adds an extra layer of security by deterring would-be thieves and vandals.

Dr Sparky Electrical is the expert when it comes to light installations for indoor and outdoor use.


The lighting in your home can add atmosphere, as well as letting you see in low light and at night. Lighting has come a long way in recent times and it’s now a decorating statement that reflects your individual taste and lifestyle. Outdoor lighting is great for backyard parties and entertaining guests, and everyone feels safer when there’s good lighting outside at night.

Dr Sparky Electrical provides top quality electrical services to professionally install any kind of indoor lighting, outdoor security, and mood lighting for memorable outdoor events.


It’s important to have good lighting in your commercial premises to highlight your products so customers can make better decisions. Good office lighting reduces fatigue and helps employees to be more productive.

At Dr Sparky Electrical, we understand the importance of the right lighting for the right commercial situation. We’re here for you no matter what kind of commercial lighting you require. Of course, we’re available 24/7 for emergency repairs to indoor or outdoor lighting to keep your premises safe, secure and well lit.


Industrial lighting plays a major role in the productivity of a business. Whether your company needs new lighting, extra lighting, or indoor and outdoor lighting repairs and replacements, we’re here to complete all your lighting projects. We can also regularly check all your lighting and maintain it in good condition, so you’ll always have the right lighting to keep your business running.


When you need professional electrical services for your lighting repairs, or installations for any purpose and application you need, Dr Sparky Electrical is here to help. Call us on 1800 377 727 or enquire online.