The Benefits of Ceiling Fans

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5 Reasons to Install Ceiling Fans in Your Home

Ceiling fans are a tried and tested method of cooling the home. You can reduce your energy bills while incorporating a stylish lighting method that will keep you and your family comfortable through the hot seasons. In this article, the team at Dr Sparky Electrical is discussing 5 excellent benefits of installing ceiling fans in your residential property.

1. Lower Your Energy Bills

Relying on ceiling fans instead of constantly running an air conditioner will cut down your energy bills while reducing your home’s environmental impact. Although ceiling fans don’t decrease the temperature of your home, they create a cool draft that keeps you comfortable all year ‘round. This way, you can go green by raising the thermostat in your loungeroom and bedrooms.

2. Finish Off a Room in Style

Ceiling fans present endless opportunities for design. Because fans are available in a range of styles, sizes and finishes, you can complement your home’s décor to meet your exact specifications. These functional cooling devices can even be the focal point of the room, creating a statement finish to an otherwise uninteresting layout. For example, a rose gold or bronze fan can add a timeless feature to a modern bedroom.

3. Ceiling Fans Work in Every Area

There are some parts of the home that simply aren’t economic for air conditioning such as the outdoor entertainment area, porch or shed. Install a fan in these places along with the living room, kitchen and bedrooms, and you’ll enjoy a comfortable environment throughout your property. The more you rely on fans, the more you’ll save on your energy bills.

4. Pair Your Ceiling Fans with Lights

Ceiling fans work well as beautiful and functional lighting. Create a layered lighting design in every room by choosing ceiling fans with built-in lights, minimising your need for additional wiring in each part of your home. As an added benefit, you’ll remove that distracting flickering shadow that comes from placing a light above a fan. You can even use remotes to control the lighting and fan speed from one source.

5. Add All-Seasons Value to Your Home

Ceiling fans are extremely affordable to install and maintain, making them an attractive addition to modern homes. Potential buyers will look for economic ways to cool their home, especially in Perth’s hot summers. Many people don’t realise that ceiling fans can run clockwise to push warm air down from the ceiling without creating a draft in cold weather, too! Speak to your electrician about reversible motors.

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